Bonga, Ethiopia

Bonga is a small city and the administrative center of Kafa Zone (and its 1 million people) in southwestern Ethiopia. According to the WHO, Ethiopia has fewer human resources for health services than average for Africa,and Bonga is no exception. It is plagued with subacute diseases like tuberculosis and malnutrition,…

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Kedougou & Sedhiou, Senegal

This partnership was initially formed between the health district of Saraya, Senegal; Peace Corps, Senegal; and the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) to improve health care delivery within the local existing health care system as well as provide training in global health and cultural competency for U.S. health care…

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Peace Care Site Launch

Guaymate, Dominican Republic

A partnership between Peace Corps-Dominican Republic, the community of Guaymate, the University of Illinois-Chicago and Northwestern University The Peace Care Dominican Republic partnership began in 2012. After successes in Senegal and Ethiopia, the Global Community Health Collaborative (GCHC) model is again serving as the foundation for the Peace Care Dominican…

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Story About Us

Who are we?

Peace Care’s vision is a world where quality health care is available to all. To achieve this, Peace Care cultivates global health solutions by creating enduring partnerships between communities of need and resource organizations.

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Strengthen Peace Care to Strengthen Systems

Peace Care is about making connections that make the world a better, healthier place. As a partnerships organization, we bring groups of people together in…

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Building Capacity for Cervical Cancer Prevention in Senegal

Peace Care is partnering with the Kedougou and Sédhiou regions of Senegal to improve access to cervical cancer screening and treatment in the region. The goal is…

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We need your help

Better Care. Better Lives. Better World.

Implementation requires participation; participation requires funding; funding requires support; and support requires awareness. The immediate goal is to raise $170,000 in donations to support the establishment of more global programs along with the volunteers and resources needed to do so.


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