Better. Partnerships.

We believe in health equity through equitable partnerships.

Our framework brings together motivated communities, well-positioned & trusted institutions, and creative individuals in an innovative way that leverages the unique strengths of each partner group. We are looking at the world in a whole new perspective but through the eyes of existing infrastructure.

Our logo chain is comprised of eight pc logos interconnected to represent the various groups that make up our partnerships. This image is:

  1. Circular – representing the longitudinal nature or our partnerships
  2. Continuous – representing the iterative approach in which the partnership strives for constant improvement, and
  3. Made of links as in a chain – representing the strength of the partnership and the reliance of all members of the partnership.



  1. The Local Community

    Our goal is to impact the health status and the health equity of the communities where we work. We approach this with a strict dedication to community ownership of the project, through participatory approaches and constant community engagement.

  2. Health Care Workers

    These are the heroes. Our hope is that through building capacity within this group, community health systems will be more able to respond to the needs of their communities. These individuals understand their communities needs and guide project development with this understanding.

  3. Community Health Systems

    Shaping health care systems locally to respond to local needs and priorities requires the complete engagement of health officials and administrators at the local, regional, and national level. Their participation ensures appropriate policy and ultimate sustainability of the projects.

  4. Peace Corps Volunteers

    An understanding of local context is critical. Peace Corps Volunteers are fierce community advocates and can provide guide university groups guidance on community priorities while interpreting local contextual factors and norms.

  5. Local Universities

    Local academic centers are implicated to guide locally appropriate research and ensure that dissemination locally provides optimum opportunity for scaling of the lessons learned and project successes.

  6. US Universities

    If provided with a keen understanding of the voice of the community, local priorities, and local context, US universities provide appropriate project resources and research support when local capacity is not sufficient.

  7. Peace Care Volunteers

    This partner group is represented by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers or individuals and organizations in high income countries that hope and work for health equity globally.

  8. The Global Community

    We envision the world as ultimately, a single community. YOUR role within this partnership, as an advocate, sponsor, or friend is the essence of the partnership. It doesn’t work without a unified voice and a unified vision.