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Welcome to my Peace Care Blog!!!

In this blog I will be exploring global health in addition to graduate medical education and its role in global health. Primarily, I will be discussing my initiative entitled Peace Care.

Peace Care is a proposed collaboration that brings together Peace Corps and US resident physicians to improve the health of global communities. The basis of Peace Care would be that Peace Corps Volunteers could organize opportunities for professional exchange between US and low-income country medical professionals. US physicians and training institutions would collaborate with host country health leaders in order to organize community health interventions and seminars to build local health workforce, help establish improved systems of patient care, and, offer clinical services during a visit to the host country. There exist large disparities in health status, disease distribution, and access to healthcare among the various communities of the world, and through Peace Care, we could make a World of a Difference.

With nearly 5,000 children dying daily from diarrhea related illnesses; with HIV/AIDS ravaging communities worldwide: with the under-recognized threat of chronic diseases overwhelming the health of the world’s communities, there is a dire need to build healthcare capacity in low-income countries. Peace Care would sustainably foster the ability of the local healthcare workforce to address the global burden of disease by emphasizing primary care in low resource settings. In addition, Peace Care would encourage research in low-income countries further benefiting future impact. Peace Care would illustrate a favorable role of the US in global health initiatives while increasing exposure to global health concerns for our resident physicians, better preparing them for working in their own communities.

Peace Care, through fully utilizing the resources of the well respected institutions of Peace Corps and US Primary Care Residency Training Programs could truly have a considerable positive impact on the health of global communities and make a World of a Difference.

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