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Time to Vote in Round 2

Thank you ALL for your support for this cause that could make “a World of a Difference” for the health of people all around the globe.
We are now into the second round of voting.  Thanks to YOUR support, we placed 1st in Global Health in round 1!!!!!
Now we have a tough road ahead of us.  VOTING IS RESET AT ZERO for round two, so we need ALL of your support.
After you vote, please encourage others to do the same.  Sit down with your family, show your coworkers, email your friends. Try to get at least 10 additional votes apiece.  This is truly a grassroots movement so we need all the votes we can get!  We will need literally thousands of votes to get where we need to go, so charge forward and give it your best through January 15. 
Read about how to vote at
or vote directly at…
What else can you do to help?
1. Post a Flyer at your workplace or University
2. Send a suggested email to others
3. Invite others to the Facebook Cause.  Remind, Reinvite, Encourage.
Many, Many Thanks!!!
Together, we can make — “a World of a Difference!”

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