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November 2010 News

Senegal Project

Our Senegal Project is now in full swing!!! Dr. Youssoupha N’diaye is a co-Investigator on the project as the district level physician in Saraya, Senegal. As well, Christopher Brown is helping to lead the efforts in Saraya, as the local Peace Corps Volunteer and has helped us organize a Peace Corps Partnership. They are doing a terrific job and we are very much enjoying working with them.

The Health District of Saraya is located in the extreme South-Eastern part of Senegal with an estimated population of 42,000 inhabitants and comprises seven health posts and one health center. Access to quality health care in the district of Saraya is difficult to obtain, primarily due to the geographically dispersed area and the small number of highly trained individuals. In training additional health care workers and improving the knowledge base of existing healthcare workers, individuals in remote villages will have increased access to quality medical care.

We are at a critical stage in the development of our project as we are currently seeking funding to help support our efforts. Chris has put together a Peace Corps Partnership. You can contribute directly to onsite costs for the project by donating through the Peace Corps. All donations are tax deductible and will contribute significantly to our onsite work!

Please help Chris and Peace Care to complete a successful project by donating through the Peace Corps Partnership. Many thanks!

Board Meeting

Peace Care recently conducted a board meeting involving our full board now comprised of 14 dedicated members. We have laid out a plan for the upcoming months focusing on our Pilot project in Senegal. We are, as well, finalizing our business plan and board policy as we formalize the functioning of this new and exciting organization. You can read bios and see pics of (most of) our new board members on our website.

News Article on NPR, Worldview with Jerome McDonnell

Chicago Public Radio, National Public Radio, and Public Radio International
Global Activism: A Global Health Initiative Brings Peace Corps Volunteers, Universities and Healthcare Workers Together

We are honored to have been highlighted on Worldview’s Global Activism series with an interview by Jerome McDonnell at Chicago Public Radio. Worldview is also broadcast on National Public Radio and Public Radio International. The interview was broadcast August 19, 2010, and you are able to stream the interview from the Chicago Public Radio Worldview website.

This was an amazing opportunity for us to reach out and inform others about our project and approach. Please pass this along to your friends, colleagues, and family and all others who may be interested in learning more about Peace Care. Please Tune in if you get a chance!

50,000 Feet

Peace Care is honored to be working with 50,000 Feet. “50,000 Feet is a creative agency helping brands and businesses soar.” Thank You, 50,000 Feet! Peace Care has been fortunate to have been offered council by this terrific organization. They will be working with us over the course of the next couple of months to improve our branding strategy and outreach. Stay tuned! Peace Care is getting a face lift!

PayPal Donation Button

You may have noticed that there is now a Donation Button on our website! We are accepting donations! Our 501c3 status is still pending but is retroactive upon approval (we don’t anticipate any problems). Therefore, in all likelihood, all donations will be tax deductible in accordance to the 501c3 status!

Please help us finance our Senegal project. The University of Illinois – Chicago Department of Family Medicine will be covering some costs for the participating resident physicians and there will be a community contribution in Saraya, Senegal in terms of local costs. However, there are many more costs associated with the project that will need to be covered. All amounts are accepted. Many thanks!

Global HEALTH Act Introduced!!! Request for Advocacy

Here is some very exciting news and a terrific opportunity!!!
The Global HEALTH Act has been introduced to Congress!

Sign a Petition on to include Peace Care language in this bill! So far, we have 158 signatures on this petition!

U.S. Representatives and their staff are their home districts periodically meeting with constituents like you on the issues you care about. Can you make a visit to your legislator’s office to talk about the Global HEALTH Act and Peace Care?

The Global HEALTH Act was introduced recently by Rep. Barbara Lee of California. This act is one of the most comprehensive and in-depth approaches to making sure that patients in developing countries have access to the health workers, health systems, treatments, and care they need. This is our chance to be a part of a landmark global health bill.

By signing this petition, you are making sure that key legislators are learning about Peace Care and what it does.

Reaching Out!

We are continuing to seek students and professionals with experience in nonprofit management, photo and video journalism, fundraising, business, finance, law, and project management to help us move forward with the project of Peace Care. We are recruiting individuals who can participate on Working Groups, act in a Board Leadership position, or act in an Advisory Position.
As well, we are still looking to “spread the word.” Please encourage others to join our Peace Care Facebook Page. Please join this page if you have not done so (different from the cause).

We are making a special request that you Suggest this page especially to your current and returned Peace Corps friends or those interested in Global/ International Health.

We are making great strides and are very enthusiastic about the possibilities for Peace Care!!!

Thank you much for your continued support!!!

Peace and Care,

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