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Headed out of Dakar

Oops, this is Day 2 Entry.  I mistakenly overlooked entering this into the blog.
Blog Entry by Karen Peters for January 14,2010

The day began early, really early with Andrew meeting me at the Airport around 6:30AM. We cabbed it to the Hotel and I caught a few (very few) winks. The team headed to Peace Corps office Senegal (with some delicious croissants) for an orientation and to meet our Peace Corps partners at the administrative level. Taxi transportation around Dakar and Senegal in general is an experience in and of itself. It is helpful if one speaks French. A case in point, Tracy and I were in one taxi and neither of us speak French. While we thought our driver knew where to take us (Peace Corps office), he did not! We drove about a mile or 2 out of the way before Tracy knew we were going in the wrong direction…Fortunately, Andrew saw we were going the wrong way and he, in his bright blue shirt flagged us down on our way back so we finally arrived at Peace Corps headquarters. In the morning meeting we were greeted by Mamadou, the Health APCD and his staff. Everyone introduced him/herself and we felt very warmly and genuinely welcomed. We were also reminded of the critical health issues of cervical cancer, sexually transmitted diseases and diarrhea that were identified by the community during the assessment phase of the Peace Care project.

Andrew expressed that we as a team are here to share and collaborate and that our presence here is supported by a large number of people throughout the world and that each of us are very excited to be in Senegal and to find ways to continue to collaborate beyond this initial trip. Following a team meeting going over logistics and timeline we took a lunch break. We enjoyed a great meal and returned to PC headquarters and continued work on our logistical plan.  Around 3PM we met with our second group of administrative hosts (Andrew pls insert names here for correct spelling). Once again we were warmly welcomed, including an invitation to play basketball when we get to Saraya with Dr. Youssoupha N’diaye. We ended the meetings for the day and loaded up the taxi’s once again to head to the bus ‘terminal’ near the stadium. Here we handed off our bags into the body of the bus and had a 3 hour wait before the LONG overnight bus ride to Kedougou. The trip was only 11 hours (we are told this is a fast time for the bus) due to the pot holes and traffic. It was a full bus but everything went well, just difficult to sleep much…While tired, the team is enjoying the Peace Care inaugural journey very much and we look forward with great
anticipation to Saturday’s activities.

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