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Wednesday Jan 19, 2011
Blog Entry written by Nathan Frerichs, photographer.

When they look at me and smile, I shoot. When they shade their eyes, I point my lens to the ground. Most mornings during the magic hour — what photographers call the time of day in the morning and evening when the sun is low — I sit outside our compound and take pictures of the locals passing by. This morning’s magic hour was one of the most beautiful yet, and I got lots of smiles. It was good.

At home the chore I dread the most is laundry. The same is true in Saraya. Here, though, washing is done in a bucket of soap and water. Rinse and repeat. Line dry.
Always seem to be in a hurry. There’s down time, sitting around, sitting around, sitting around, then … boom, gotta go now!
Training sessions continued today. Trainees did some role playing as health care providers examining a patient for cervical cancer. I was happy to be provided with some different and interesting shots.
Thinking it was a tomato, I almost at a habanero at lunch. Thank you, Nora, for the last-second save!
With the help of the Peace Corps volunteers, I’ve been passing out disposable cameras to some of the children. I’m getting reports that there are cameras all over town and the kids are having a blast. Apparently, the volunteers are getting flooded with requests for cameras! Next time, I’ll bring more.
Hung out with the radio stars this evening. Andrew, Tracy and Chris did an interview about the project at the local radio station. Beamed out to 40,000 people. So cool.
Days are filled and the mind keeps busy; nights are the time for missing home. Three more days ’til I kiss my wife…

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