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Website Challenge – 12 AM

We took a break earlier and ventured up to the rooftop deck to see the skyline.  Later, they provided “cold pressed” coffee and energy drinks to give the teams an additional boost.   A few you tube videos later, we were back to it.  Templates are done, most of the existing content is loaded, and the “back end” guys are still heads down- tap tap tapping away.  I’m not sure what they are doing, but we are seeing bits and pieces of the designed site becoming a reality.  We now have a drop down menu and we are working on a donate button.  The photo album is really awesome.

I am working on some new focused content to occupy a few of the new pages built into the new design.  We are definitely on track.
Pizza is here now and it is time to take another brief break!  Then upstairs to the rooftop deck to overlook the city and have a meeting at the tiki bar.  
Hopefully we will go live today (Sunday) but we may push it back depending on a few things.  Will let you know if a few hours.

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