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Team Meeting

January 22, 2012

This entry was written by Nate McLaughlin, Family Medicine Resident

Yeah, it’s real. We’re off in less than a week. We had the final organizational meeting today and went over all of the specifics. It was great to put faces to names after so many conference calls. Those that are experienced from former trips doled out advice on both the day-to-day activities, as well as the overall trip structure. We got to learn some details about the other projects on the trip and just what they involved. After the logistics had been gone over, we set about organizing the items that we are bringing with us. Some items are necessary to the trip, such as speculums, while others are meant to be somewhat of a care package for those already there. There was a also the unveiling of the shirts for this year’s trip, which looked quite snazzy! After all the loot had been divided and packed in cars we all headed home for the evening, still buzzing with the excitement of the upcoming journey. So, ready or not, we’re off in T-minus 4 days.
Addendum by Andrew Dykens
Thanks for joining us on our trip.  I will be filling you in on the details of what we are up to throughout, as well as many of the “behind-the-scenes” considerations.  You might want to give yourself a bit of background information first off by reading our 2011 Trip Report.  This will give you some insight as to what we are building upon.  We will also be introducing you to the team as we go along.  Thanks again.  Here we go!
Peace and Care,
Nate, Andrew, and all at Peace Care / UIC / and Kedougou!

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