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Senegalese women are strong


Entry Date: 2/1/2012

Author: Lali Abril, PhD, Department of Communication

If there is something to celebrate today is women. Women are the reason we are here, Senegalese women are strong; they have to be! By the time most of you readers go to work, you’ve managed to get a shower, eat breakfast and put on clean clothes – in perhaps a whopping 30 minutes! That is… if you don’t have kids…. Anyway, not for them. They need to gather water, make breakfast from scratch in a seemingly camping burner with uneven heat and fumes, and clean the clothes by hand squatting on the dry ground–all the while taking care of the little ones…. And yet they manage to don these beautiful, elegant garments, which they wear with poise and elegance.

And we finally got to talk with these women. Magda and I interviewed some groups at the Bandafassi Health Post alongside their adorable babies. They were shy, probably unsure of why these foreigners were so interested in talking with them and knowing their opinions about cervical cancer, but they participated, amid laughs and confidences in Pulaar. And, yes, once it all made sense to them, they understood that it will be free, painless and that it is important to their health, they all agreed to get screened one day, even perhaps today. This is what we’re here for 🙂 In shallah’.

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