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Cryotherapy and Waterfalls

Entry Date: 2/5/2012

Author: Emily Godfrey, MD, MPH, UIC Family Medicine Faculty

We started our day early for a trek from Saraya to Dondefelo, our place to enjoy a little bit of nature and a beautiful waterfall. The started with a typical bus ride to Kedougou, only 30 kilometers away on a paved road. We quickly discovered that the truck would need to stop every 8-10 kilometers to put water in the radiator when the engine would start smoking. What would normally be a 35 minute drive, took us two hours.

Fortunately, we had our Peace Corps Volunteers along, who kept us busy with a “20 questions” pop culture game…Bondacelli? When we finally arrived in Kedougou, we quickly prepared for a meeting with Drs. Camera, Amar and midwives, Fatou and M. Diarra. Our topic today was cryotherapy, an easy and important treatment for women who have a positive VIA test. Many questions were asked by the doctors, and hopefully all in our audience learned a lot of new information.

Now on to our treat of the day, Dondefelo…After a quick lunch, all hopped into a taxi that headed south of Kedougou. By 4pm, we were out of the car and hiking towards our resting place for relaxation. By 4:25, we hiked to the illustrious waterfall of Senegal, passing only a few people along the way. It was too cold to swim, but the peacecare group had a moment of hanging out and relaxing under the cascading fall of water.

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