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National Senegal Press for Cervical Cancer work in Kedougou – Upcoming Travel

Way to go, Kedougou, UIC team, Peace Corps Senegal, and Peace Care!

Our work in Senegal received national press recently.  

Our team is heading back on Oct 16th and will advance a prevalence study throughout the region.  We will keep you informed.  Stay tuned for blog posts…

You are welcome to follow us on our journey…

(Please feel free to circulate this announcement)

You can read about our program at

Current supportive Peace Corps Volunteers Include
  • Annē Linn dit Sadio Tigana
  • Chip Ko
  • Katie Wallner dit Aysatu Souaré
  • Chris Coox
Current travel team includes:
  • Andrew Dykens, MD, MPH
  • Cari Benbasset-Miller, MD
  • Paul Rotert, MD
  • Michael Charles, UIC Medical Student

Looking forward to the journey,
Andrew and the UIC / Peace Care team

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