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Greetings all!  Thank you for reading this blog.  The pcDR trip is underway!  We have just arrived at Guaymate, and met with our hosts from Peace Corps and the Community Advisory Board.  We have been welcomed very warmly by this beautiful community!To recap our plans for the trip, over the last year, community assessments led by the Advisory Board have helped identify hospital service improvement as a priority.  The leadership of the hospital is very supportive of this plan, and we will be working with them on an evidence based quality improvement program utilized in over 50 countries – Engender Health`s COPE.

This trip marks the beginning of this process, and we will all have so much to learn about adapting this program to the unique community of Guaymate.

Our trip will be capped off with a celebratory Health Fair, a chance for our community partners to share their work and wisdom with the community, and celebrate health and wellness!

We´re excited to keep you all updated on our progress and experiences in wonderful Guaymate!  More pictures and stories to come!

Juntos en Salud,

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