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Peace Care Friends Campaign

We have been telling you that this would be an exciting year! We have amassed a pretty impressive group of loyal supporters (“Friends”) – i.e. YOU over the last several years, and we are certainly proud to know you. We have over 1,200 people on our Newsletter list and 610 “Likes” on our Facebook page. These are great numbers!

So, with this in mind, we have launched a “Friends Drive!”  and we are seeking a small favor from you.

  • We want to know of others who believe in health equity and equitable partnerships.

Our approach is flexible, but we are proud to work closely with the Peace Corps. So, for this Friends Drive, we are hoping to that you might connect us with the RPCVs, PCVs, and Friends of Peace Corps that you know who may be interested in learning more about our proposed Global Community Health Partnership approach. (regardless of role / expertise / sector / professional training / etc.)?

Send those you know to this form — (and sign up for this yourself). Or, just connect them to us directly by email at Also, if you have the opportunity to post on a Friends of Peace Corps listserv or Message Board (such as Facebook), that would be most appreciated! Here is some suggested messaging.

As an introduction you can let everyone know that we are advancing a model of partnership that brings together existing resources to improve community access to quality primary health care services in low resource settings. The partnership model facilitates and reinforces the work of Peace Corps Volunteers at community levels. Anyone can learn more at .

There are other ways, too, for raising awareness…

If you become a member of our page, you can invite others to join by

  • clicking on the three dots on the lower right hand corner of the main picture
  • then click on “share”

You can also share our individual posts. We are reintroducing ourselves to the world to raise awareness of our work and we have several informative posts to choose from in recent days!

The entire Peace Care team really appreciate this amazing favor.  Thanks so much!

Stay tuned.

Exciting things ahead!!!

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