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Peace Care is about making connections that make the world a better, healthier place. As a partnerships organization, we bring groups of people together in innovative ways to strengthen health systems in low-resource settings globally. Peace Care has a shared interest with many in building stronger communities, and together we all have the power to effect positive change. Your support and partnership would help us bring global health into the hearts, minds and lives of people everywhere. It’s with greater awareness that we’ll be able to recruit more volunteers, bring more resources into existing efforts and deliver better healthcare to those who need it most. We would be honored to call you partner and friend.




Cost Projections

Impact Projections

Proposed Partner: YOU


The concept of Peace Care was proposed in 2007, and we initiated our pilot project in 2010. Our success has been replicated through three separate partnerships, and we are now primed to scale our model further. We are now positioning ourselves to impact more communities and to substantially grow the organization, with a plan for sustainability that will enable us to steadily reach more global citizens in the coming years.


In order to achieve our goals, we must raise

  1. $75,000 by December 31, 2016
  2. $150,000 by May 1, 2017
  3. $640,000 by the end of 2020


This funding is critical in helping us establish and maintain 7 separate partnerships within 5 years. With this engagement, we project that we will train a minimum of 500 clinical providers over this time and improve health services access for well over 100,000 people. Using these conservative estimates, we will spend $5.81 per patient visit and $58.18 per improved outcome.

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Peace Care’s vision is a world where quality health care is available to all. Of course, to achieve this takes a village—a worldwide community of education, health care and development organizations.

Peace Care mobilizes a global network of volunteers to create sustainable, grassroots solutions.

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Local context drives every decision, so each project is different. The full scope of Peace Care’s model is complex, but for every project, Peace Care focuses on bringing the right people and organizations to the table.

The results of these collaborations are sustainable improvements based on a proven “training-of-trainers” method—which works exactly how it sounds. Experts train a core group of local practitioners who can then train other practitioners in their community. Expertise spreads and multiplies.

The process enables the local community to own the educational process and arm themselves with the information they need to build capacity long term and improve health outcomes. Ultimately, the aim of all Peace Care collaborations is to:

  1. Reduce the global burden of disease
  2. Increase the number and quality of health care workers worldwide
  3. Strengthen primary health care systems in low-income countries
  4. Promote and increase global health research
  5. Foster global health education

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You (our closest friends, family, and colleagues) have been behind us from the very beginning, and now we would love for you to join us as we kick off an exciting year. We want to show off our snazzy new promotional materials with which we will undertake a major campaign in the coming months. With experience and success under our belts, we hope to raise $150,000 over the next 12 months. These funds will support administrative operations to ensure valuable impact on the ground while also expanding the number of our managed partnerships.

However, we recognize that we can’t make it to $150,000 overnight, so we have a plan. A few house parties, an online drive, letters to corporations and foundations, a few grant submissions thrown in for good measure, and a couple of celebratory events in 2017 to top things off. In addition, we will be present at both the Peace Corps Connect conference in Washington DC in September and the Rotary International World Conference in Atlanta, Georgia in May 2017!!! Yep, quite a year!

Cost Projections 2016

Impact Projections 2016

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Our Partner: YOU

We wouldn’t be here without you. As we cut our teeth and grew our chops. As we built a model, a program, partnerships, and a reputation.

Our Partner: YOU

In our partnerships – we focus on “You.” We don’t like to be in charge. We insist that our projects focus on local priorities.

As we trained health workers in Ethiopia, built a quality improvement program in the Dominican Republic, and implemented cervical cancer screening services in Senegal. As we established a trusted cohort of collaborators; from the University of Illinois at Chicago Center for Global Health to Peace Corps to Rotary. One step at a time, each lesson learned along the way translated into a best practice on the next iteration. Every step along the way has been guided by local leadership.

Just as we are led by “You”, we depend on “You.” It started with you. And it continues with you at the helm.

Please join us.

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