Baba Diakhite

Baba Diakhite

Baba helps to connect the community to the health service. He works on improving the quality and responsiveness of the health service to meet the community’s needs and helps to ensure that there are active efforts for educating and informing the community about health concerns.

Baba Diakhite

What is your community like?

I work at the health post and live within Kedougou, where there are about 5000 people.  The community is great and so is the area. We have a famous waterfall called Dindefelo that you should go see.

How has your education empowered you?

I completed high school and with this education I am able to work in a field that allows me to focus on health and work with children.  My education gives me the opportunity to fulfill roles and responsibilities in and for my community.

What do you enjoy most about life?

I enjoy getting all the kids together and getting them involved in educational activities, especially focusing on health.  I am the facilitator between [nongovernmental organizations] and my community.  About 200 children are involved and we implement activities such as hand washing to teach them the importance of good health.

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