Ethan Quinn

Ethan Quinn

Ethan Quinn, Peace Corps Volunteer in Senegal, Kedougou Region

Tell us about your relationship with your host family and community.

All relationships I have involve people that help me navigate living in my community.  My counterpart isn’t a health worker but he is the most helpful and motivated guy.  One time when I planned to build something, he dropped what he had to do just to give me supplies and help me out.  My host family is also great.  My dad is so welcoming and works hard to make sure that I’m grasping what’s going on and how to act appropriately.  I am also slowly integrating into the health facility in town because it is further from my site and I don’t get to go as often as I’d like.  When I do go, even though the health workers are extremely busy people they are always willing to make time and talk to me.

Thus far, how has your counterpart fulfilled the role as a mentor and helped you to grow?

My counterpart’s name is Sidi.  He sets a great example.  He’s a really hardworking guy.  While he doesn’t have a job, he always finds things to do to help others.  If someone in our village needs to build an outdoor bed, Sidi will be the first one in the woods ready to get started.  He’s extremely patient also.  I make mistakes especially with language, and even though many people get tired of helping me out, Sidi will sit and listen to what I say and teach and reteach if he needs to.

To you, what does it mean to have peace?

To have peace is to think (from the moment you wake and throughout the day) that you’re going to have a good day despite the obstacles.

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