Hamidou Thiam

Hamidou Thiam

Thiam has worked in various capacities with the cervical cancer prevention project since 2010.

He is a fervent supporter of this work and an important leader and advocate within the local health system.

Hamidou Thiam, Kedougou Region Supervisor of Primary Health Care

Tell us briefly about your work.

I am the supervisor of primary health care in the Kedougou region.  My work involves evaluation, program management, training of health workers, supervision, and collaboration with other projects.

What is needed to further improve the health of your community?

To me, I think it is important to first know the needs of the community.  Once you understand those needs, you must strategize and implement.  To make any improvement you must follow through the process of identifying needs, planning, implementing and evaluating.

To you, what does it mean to have peace?

To me, having peace is to always be ready and available to serve others.  It involves recognizing that even the smallest actions can be extremely valuable.  Peace is found in realizing that we all have the capacity to live in the service of others.

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