Nicole Aspros

Nicole Aspros

Nicole Aspros

Tell us about health in your community.

My community is aware that some services are easily accessible.  They are also pretty educated about malaria and they use bed nets for prevention.  Birth control is available also. Condoms are free and they also provide shots, which aren’t expensive but adherence is questionable.  It really shows that the opportunity to be progressive is there! It’s just a matter of overcoming barriers.

Tell us about the culture of relationships and weddings in your community.

In my community, a man is first introduced to the woman’s father.  Then the man continues to have meetings with the family and makes offerings until he essentially “buys her off.”  I see similarities to our culture in the U.S. with engagement rings being some sort of offering.  They then have a huge wedding ceremony.  Also, it is a polygamous culture but men aren’t obligated and some choose not to practice it.

What do you enjoy doing most during your free time in Peace Corps?

What I enjoy most is sitting and enjoying.  It’s important to find time to live simply.

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