Raissa Manga

Raissa Manga

Raissa Manga, Saraya District Coordinating Senior Midwife


Tell us briefly about your work.

I am the head midwife of the Saraya district here in the region of Kedougou.  My work focuses on prenatal and postnatal consultation, family planning, delivery, and also cervical cancer screenings.

What does health mean to you and your community?

Health is so important for the well-being of families.  With good health, development is possible.

What is needed to further improve the health of the community?

Working with [the UIC and Peace Care] team will definitely help. Through this project, we are increasing awareness in Kedougou and reaching many villages and remote areas.  It is great because women are now able to seek cervical cancer screening and treatment, which wasn’t available before.

To you, what does it mean to live?

To live is to have good health and peace.

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