Tina Schuh

Tina Schuh

Tina Schuh, Research Assistant at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Morocco 2010-2012.

Tell us briefly about your work.

I am a research assistant for the Peace Care project.  My responsibilities include working on receiving IRB approval, budgeting, and more logistical parts of the project.  I also am available to help Andrew and Karen when needed.  I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco a couple years ago which helps me understand the partnership and concept of the project better.

For what do you yearn?

I yearn for equal rights.  In particular, I yearn for women to have rights and to not be considered second class citizens.  I yearn for health equity.  Health and living is a human right.  This is why I’m very passionate about the project.  At the very least, women should have access to health care and preventive services.

What have you learned?

I’ve learned that sometimes, especially in global health work, you can plan and plan for something but it is so important to be flexible and open to letting things take its course naturally and to not get upset if things don’t stick to the plan. I’ve learned that life isn’t always fair, but we have to make use of what it is we do have.  Also, I’ve learned that advocating for others is incredibly humbling.  It’s rewarding and also a calling.

To you, what does it mean to have peace?

To me, it means to have all the people that I love and care about to have everything they need and want so their lives feel complete. To have peace also means that everyone in the world would be treated equally everywhere.

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