Michael Swaine

DSC_0372Business Manager

Michael has an extensive background in international development and peace work. He has worked for nearly 10 years in Latin America in such jobs as the director of Río Rápido, a therapeutic boarding school in Costa Rica; with Acción Contra el Hambre in Venezuela to assist in recovery from floods and landslides; a Peace Corps trainer in Paraguay and Bolivia in municipal service development and environmental sanitation; and for three years in Bolivia as a rural health volunteer in the hospital of Villamontes as a liaison with the rural communities in the vicinity.  He feels passionately about the goals of the Peace Corps and is delighted to be working with Peace Care.
He earned a master’s degree in Peace, Conflict Resolution and International Development from James I University in Spain and also has an MBA from the University of Illinois at Chicago.
He stopped living abroad seven years ago when he met Stacey, his wife, and he now lives in Oak Park with her and their two children, Gabriel and Jocelyn. He has the pleasure of being a stay-at-home father to his kids and volunteers with Peace Care when time allows.